The main goal of organic agriculture is not raising the quantity, but improving the quality of food products. Now, by practicing organic agriculture, it is possible to produce agricultural goods without polluting soil, water resources, and air while protecting environment, plant, animal, and human health.

All food products, clients and suppliers can seek organic certification including farmers (individuals or associations), retailers and independent processors.

In order to re-establish previously damaged or destroyed ecological balance in nature, organic farming aims to correct unwanted results of wrong production practices by using; biological methods to control pests and diseases, to improve soil fertility, to contain environment and human friendly production systems, to ban the use of synthetic and chemical fertilizer and pesticides while encouraging organic and green fertilizing, crop rotation and soil conservation.

From farm to table, organic farming has control methods for each and every farm practices and provides certificates for organic products and their producers.

Organic farming contains human and environment friendly production systems that aim re-ordering previously destroyed ecological balance in nature as results of wrong production practices.

Organic certification means anyone who produces, processes or exports to EU market organic agricultural products must be certified by a EU-accredited certifier in order to sell, label or represent their products as “organic.” Organic certification is not a guaranty of quality or purity of the product. Rather, it is evidence of the operation’s adherence to a prescribed system of agriculture and food production.

Certification process includes checking a producer’s Organic Management Plan and conducting an annual audit. We visit farms, packing facilities, warehouses, stores and manufacturing operations to make sure their practices meet our organic standards and requirements. Only when organic requirements have been met does a producer receive organic certification.